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рфофтA basic source of attractiveness of Shayan’s is mineral water of ”Shayanska”, which total of hydrocarbonates approaches to mineral waters of ”Borzhomi”, ”Esentuki” and ”Vishi-Seleston” (France). It is more detailed possible to know about of all services, visit on the site of sanatorium "Shayan". This country is very beautiful, the village of Shayani is located in a small canyon between mountains the greatest from which is a mountain of Shayan (440 m above a sea level). Westerly a village "props" up the barrier of the Ukrainian-Romanian border, and east part the village reach on the spreading valley of Tysa. Along the village flows Byugler rivulet. All of these factors, especially perfect microclimate and mineral water attract here the wealthy from everywhere. It is here possible to see cottages of the known personalities: deputies, artists. Along a village, especially in his first half the representatives of the Ukrainian elite erected cottages, therefore the village seems as a "little Switzerland".

Talk, that Zakarpattya is a land of legends, healthful water and unique nature. And yet hospitable people live here, which support "visiting card" the land as tourist pearl of Ukraine. Who arrives on rest to Carpathians can in winter go out in Volovez to alpine skis, in Svalyava - to get to the sanatoriums which took a place along the Luga river (they are "Sonyachne Zakarpattya", "Kvitka poloniny") or in Mukachevo - from it's possible to гора Шипотreach Khust (from Khust 17 km away there are Shayany),Vinogradiv (alongside sanatorium "Tepliza") or to Beregovo with his termal spring. Advantage of Zakarpattya is comparative small territory, therefore for 4-5 days it's possible to visit castle Palanok in Mukachevo, villages of Iza (masters of cane braiding live here) and Selyshche (it is known the cheeses), lake Sinevir, as well as to see the castle, outdoor museum and to grant in a fanciful cafe "By notary" in Uzhgorod, to admire landscape of Yabluneckogo of mountain pass, taste wine and cognac in basements of Korolevo, rafting on Tisa. Mountain rest lovers can enjoy beauties of mountains of Carpathians, to drink cold water from streams, and to savour mushroom and fish soup, cooked with herbares, to gather mushrooms and whortleberry, to take off habitation for a fully acceptable pay - 70-200 Uah on days (with breakfast and supper and without it, prices after 2009). Therefore welcome to beautiful land of Carpathians!

Rest in a sanatorium "Tepliza". Today's Tepliza is a private sanatorium in place of former pioneer camp. A some special thrill of sanatorium is thermal water, which contains much metalls with a wonderful medical influence on a musculoskeletal system. Quality of mineral water is not too well, in this case it is better to drink waters in Shayany. A sanatorium is located under a mountain in a Carpathians hillshollow – wind almost is here missing, but in summer are a lot of mosquitoes and midges. A positive is in that almost alongside (10 min by auto) a small city is district centre of Vinogradiv, where it is possible tohave a drink cheap vine wine, to visit a cafe. Before a sanatorium after the Black mountain flows the river Tisa where guide Goerg take the rafting and hikes to Goverla mountain. To the excursion in the settlement of Forks, Vinogradiv, on the waterfall of Shipot and Gimba mountain take the personnel of sanatorium. After reconstitution in 2005 the proprietor of sanatorium changed a personnel and overcame a bribery, so the order here more than in Shayany or Mirgorod. In the plan of Europeanness and comfort comparing is possible with Mirgorod, in Shayany, for example, Europe is felt anymore.

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