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The Numerology is the informative system, which helps people better to see the prospects of life, betray it a faithful course, it extends mental horizons, in the total life of people becomes more rich in content and happy. Numerology is used as a practical method of cognition of own deep nature – talents, vital aims, hidden character traits, possibilities. This process of cognition allows to glance in the own future.Vital way your child
Numerology opens essence of cyclic processes, managers all of sides sew on lives, by a career, personal life, riches. In short, numerology is science about that how to help to itself, learning to be adequate in all of situations. Popularity of numerology continues raise. All more people apply to numerologists after to the councils of the most different occasions from the questions of the personal life to the problems of business and policy.
People, included in a contact with wonders of numerology, get access to its deep practicality and utility, and also to its ability to predict a future event and directions for individual development. Numerology differs simplicity and availability. Numerology gives access to the different cyclic processes, possibilities and vital tasks which already stand before a man or must inevitably appear in the future. And only in this sense of numerology exposes unique possibility to prepare to meeting with it the future before each. It will help to perfect own force, delivered from a weakness.s
The most essential number in your numerological card is based on the date of your birth, moment, when was heaved up the curtain of your life. It is named Number of vital way. He can be compared to the scenario of the supposed theatrical. The number of vital way presents us outlining of possibilities, calls and lessons with which we can clash during life.

How to find the number of vital way?

Your number of vital way is a sum of number of birth, numbers of month and year of birth.
In an order to find Number of vital way it is needed to convert the number of birth, number of month and year into simple numbers. For an example let us find the vital way of man, borning 21.11.1934.
First action: To lead 21 to the simple number, it is needed to lay down numbers 2 and 1, as a result we will get a number 3.
Second action: In an order to bring a number over of month 11 to the state of simple number it is needed to lay down numbers 1+1, will get 2.
Third action:  For transformation of number 1934 in synonymous it is needed to lay down numbers 1,9,3,4, 17 will turn out, which is driven to the state of simple number by addition of numbers 1 and 7, 8. turns out
Fourth action: Now, to find the number of vital way, it is necessary to lay down these 3 synonymous numbers. 3+2+8 = 13.
Fifth action: We drive the got sum to the state of simple number. 13 transforms in 4 by addition of numbers 1 and 3. 1+3=4.
If in a fourth action you got a managing number (11,22 and 33), not transform him. The special value has a managing number of vital way.
We bring description over of different numbers of vital way.


Number of vital way 1

Active, energetic child. He all of time afoot. He has a permanent necessity to become firmly established in the forces. From early years feels the individuality. For him independence and aspiration to do everything is characteristic independent. In adolescence and youth stands aside coevals. Prefers the company of elders. Send his activity in a structural river-bed.

Number of vital way 2

A child lives by emotions, senses, follows the subconscious motives and instincts. On the whole it is a quiet child, very impressionable, sometimes reserved. Adults quite often consider his «difficult». Deeply goes away to the world of the games, books. A confidence grows in him gradually. From babyhood he has to win spurs, that will confirm in society.

Number of vital way 3

A child possesses natural curiosity to life, gladly cognizes outward things. He likes to declare about itself and require endless attention from near and coevals. In babyhood very capricious and self-willed. If parents will show a weakness at this time, he can will grow into a despot. He like games with other children, changes of employments and situation. Self-confident enough, easily leads friends. Likes to walk in guests, to socialize with the people of different ages.

Number of vital way 4

Quiet and independent child. He must feel definiteness and stability, feel own belonging to the house and family. To test a comfort he must have usual objects and acquainted people in surroundings. Loves the sequence of executions and order. In a greater measure, what other children from early age reliable, responsible and deserves a trust. Wishes to be in the dreg of events, and, at the same time, has a requirement in solitude.

Number of vital way 5

Charming, cheerful, active child. Comes into an universal notice. He likes to impress circumferential, to cause a stormy reaction, hearken to praises. He claims attention and needs it, to feel a calmness and confidence. Seems not on years developed. Cognition itself and the world - main in his life. Beginning to talk, he pelts the parents questions about everything, that interests him.

Number of vital way 6

Quiet, quick in the uptake and observant child. He likes to realize that there is integrity and order in life. A child is obedient and amenable, if not to compel him, otherwise becomes irritable and capricious. He enjoys, doing anything for other people, showing an anxiety. Among children can seem timid, a modesty interferes with him to be in a center attention. He does not aim to be in the public view, to propose the talents, is although proud of the achievements and wants, that he was praised.

Number of vital way 7

Impressionable, reasonable, dreamy child. Senses of kindness, tenderness and prudence are not on age developed. Most important for him is approval of other people. Without it he is lost, deprived possibility to feel own meaningfulness. Desire to see the world and harmony around, compels him to be pleasant in socializing with circumferential. From little up adheres to the rules. Very attentive and charming. Delivers a lot of gladness parents. Does not cross a border permitted and knows how to agree with parents, not lifting scandal.

Number of vital way 8

"8" is a strong transforming number. With his high tension it is uneasy to manage and to the grown man, and to the child the more so. Enormous potential of energy will be transformed in emotions, active actions and will. A child is able to give all of forces for achievement of the put purpose. His ability of сосредотачиваться, unbelievable: if engaged in something, little that distracted him. Demonstrates the will, exposing to the tests and itself, and circumferential. Can all of forces oppose orders. Inclined, both to strong attachment and to hostility. Can him not seize spontaneity at socializing with coevals.

Number of vital way 9

A child from nature is carried out animations, cheerful, energetic. Aims to make an attempt and see everything, what only it is possible. Possesses creative imagination, artistic or musical capabilities. Easily enters into intercourse. He likes all, and he likes all. A child sensitively perceives the surrounding world and emotionally stormily on him reacts. His conduct is spontaneous. Feel like overstatements. He must partake life in all полноте. Reproaches, persuasions and requests to sit quietly, cause a reverse effect for him.

Number of vital way 11

A child from birth possesses rich intuition, sensitiveness and receptivity. Freedom-loving and independent. In early years lives can be changes of circumstances and way of life of family, a child has feeling, that life is able in a root to change at any minute. Even if he tries to meet with surroundings, however remains noticeable, be single and unworldly. For him the special role is in life which he must execute. But he can develop positively only in case that utillizes the unicity on a maximum.

Number of vital way 22

Large potential which can show up in different spheres is stopped up in a child. A child is very receptive to circumferential and to the world on the whole and has a chance to become very rare personality. Exactly child of number 22 (4) possesses powerful force and able to utillize it for the sake of positive actions, is among the authentic stars of arsenal of human achievements. When this vibration will collect complete force, a child can unite in itself almost all of the best qualities, inherent the representatives of other numbers of vital way. A child can be pure workaholic.






































Talks the vibrations of numerical code of number of diploma or testifying to completion of any courses (courses of accountants, courses of foreign languages and т. of д.) about that, whether there will be a man to utillize professional knowledges in-process, and if it will be, as far as actively, and also about that, how professional achievements will be appraised.diploma
Calculate the code of diploma.
For example:
Series and number of diploma C Н   795929
sum of all of making  3+8+7+9+5+9+2+9=52
Code of diploma            5+2=7

1. Code of diploma 1 talks about the active use of the got professional knowledges, about leader position, that these knowledges quite a bit will be instrumental in a successful ascent on the tops of social and quarry stair. Professional achievements will be appraised to deservedly.
2. Code of diploma 2 is the obvious pointing on that a profession will be not alone. It is possible that on a profession, to indicated in this diploma, a man will work not immediately after completion of educational establishment or will combine it with other work, related to to quite to other sphere. Money reward acts irregularly.
3. Code of diploma 3 binds the possessor to work with people, with leader displays and with maximal self-realization. Working on a profession, a timber-toe by such diploma connects all of the capacities for the decision of active tasks. Work necessarily must plug in itself the elements of creation, and a working day must be planned a worker independently, the High estimation of professionalism will be become by the authority conquered in the sphere of activity, more wide confession and even national glory (for artists and writers) is possible a .Финансовый result of labour can also be very considerable, but a few unstable.
4. Code of diploma 4 an accent puts on practical application of the got knowledges. The possessor of such diploma certainly will work on speciality, thus to work actively and vigorously. Such man takes it easy to run up on the top of quarry stair, he walks up it gradually, step by step, thoroughly fastened on every step. As a result he fully can become the respected member of collective, strong professional and deservingly paid employee.
5. Code of diploma 5 expressly specifies on that this profession will be very active claimed, but holding two jobs. For example, working for a small firm an accountant (on a diploma), a man will master additionally work of clerk and manager on a personnel.
Quite often with such diploma совместительство supposes not combination of professions, but work on a basic profession on a few places (an accountant, anchorman, is a few firms, or translator, working on to the house at once, at which the number of employers can reach to ten). Such code of diploma implies the free graph of work and pay-envelope, depending on the degree of activity and level of professionalism,

6. Code of diploma 6 — unique. Possessor of such diploma or in general does not work on speciality, or got a diploma for the sake of that, to hold a certain position, or utillizes the got knowledges, working in quite to other sphere. Possibly also the use of knowledges on your own personally, but not for professional activity (for example, legal knowledges are used in an order to defend the rights).
Quite often such code of number has a diploma about the second higher education or diploma about completion of courses. From time to time due to the knowledges of persons gets money rewards, but it never is the basic source of profit, and sometimes takes a place out of nowhere.

7. Code of diploma 7 instrumental in scientific researches and various researches. Timber-toe by such code of diploma lays out any work on shelves. If he is a mechanic, considers itself obliged to know every detail of every mechanism which designs and constructs. In everything he will endeavour to get at a bottom, and that is why fully naturally, that among graduating students with such code of diploma very large percent of future graduate students. It is the real aces of the business, acknowledged authorities in a profession. To them apply after advice and by consultation, ready them to pay so much, how many they will inquire, only to get a hold such valuable specialist.
8. Code of diploma 8 is an obvious certificate that the speciality exactly indicated in a diploma will feed the possessor of diploma. It is a code of achievements and high financial reward. As a rule, the possessors of diplomas with this code participate in large business and very serious

9. Code of diploma 9 ideal for the professions of doctor and social worker, advocate. If such code of diploma for a specialist with other profession, he either will not work on speciality or will work in those projects, where his speciality is claimed on the improvement of life on a planet, including in eleemosynary and noncommercial. In respect of money reward of labours, it is mostly very moderate.


Can be applied to parenting to help parents to orient, to which should be directed their efforts. parentingFor this we need to know: the number of birth, the last digit of the year and the astrological sign of the zodiac from 1 to 12. (The sign of Aries is represented by the number 1 and ends the circle the zodiac constellation of Pisces number 12). Such as date of birth: 19.01.1985 year. Astrological sign - Capricorn with the number 10. Birthday - 19. The last digit of year = 5.
As a result, we get: 1 + 9 + 5 + 1 + 0 = 16 > 1 + 6 = 7. The resulting number 7 will characterize those aspects that control the upbringing of the child.
The numbers in numerology, the corresponding signs of the zodiac: Aries - 1, Taurus - 2, Gemini - 3, Cancer - 4, Leo - 5, Virgo - 6, Fish - 7, scorpion - 8 Sagittarius - 9, Capricorn - 10 Aquarius - 11 Fish - 12.

Number 1 - education must be determined by the freedom of choice. Encourage the child and the desire to develop in him a desire to learn and absorb what he has never done. Work together, together, that he grew up a contact, open to the public. Help your child develop the ability to achieve the final result. You have more to promote and support child.
Number 2 - spoke about the excessive sensitivity and need for assistance. For a child tend to dream, he had a rich imagination. Parents need to pull him from the world of dreams and lowered to earth. The task of parents to show children that there is a difference between that world, which he invented for himself and the reality that surrounds him.
Number 3 - the child is extremely active. Parents will be worth a lot of nerves and effort trying to call him to order and rein in his temper. Should be send irrepressible energy of the child in a constructive direction. A child needs love and warmth more than other children.
Number 4 - says that the child becomes very vulnerable if you do not feel family support. The child is kept as close as possible to his mother. Parents need to ensure the stability of such a child. Child likes to help the family. Parents need to pay attention to the nature of his fears and help him cope with them.
Number 5 - the child is active enough, and it should push in the right direction, one of them - sports. He enjoys all types of art and loved to read and express their thoughts on paper. Need to develop patience and perseverance. In the absence of interest in such a child will spend time on trivia.
Number 6 - the child sensitively perceives beauty and harmony. He gets pleasure when he likes and sees that other people also love him. A child may annoy to parents of their curiosity. These children should have the chance to express themselves.
Number 7 - such a child needs to open to associates, to accept reality and be attentive to people. He has a strong tendency to escape from reality, preferring the transcendent worlds. The stronger will be its relationship with the outside world, the more likely that he will fully participate in real life and not be afraid of confrontations with problem situations, demonstrating the determination and ability to assert their rights. Need to better know the world in which he lives.
Number 8 - such a child is aggressive with his childhood, and must be kept in check. Such a child is mobile, cannot let him do what he wants. Parents should indicate such a child that there are different ways of expression that allow you to relieve stress and use their potential more effectively. Need to teach him to respect his family and other people and their feelings.
Number 9 - these children are interested in everything that he catches eye, they are very curious, active and energetic, sentimental. Parents need to support them during an emotional overload. If their responsiveness and ability to empathize with others are not suppressed, then the benefits have not only themselves but society as a whole.


Numerological calculations give an opportunity to get a number that has very special meaning. This number defines the events between the birth year and other years. For example, the man is celebrating his 35th birthday. On this day in 1934the year his life changed on 35th. Add up the numbers 34 and 35 and obtain a result, the number 69. Carry out the numerological addition: 69> 6 + 9 = 15> 1 + 5 = 6. In this particular case, the number 6 indicates thatnumerology birthday the person waiting on the 35 - year life. In next year that number changes again: 35 - year life will be changed to 36th. Summing these two quantities we get another number: 35 + 36 = 71 > 7 +1 = 8. Thus, the number 8 indicates the nature of the events that we should expect a 36 - year life.
Number 1 in the analysis suggests that a person should accept or start to act differently. It’s important for people to pay attention to their health. This is a wonderful period of life when a man waiting to meet new people who may later become his friends. This period promises success in the work, you need to spend more time with loved ones.
Number 2 means that a person has entered into an era of change that it takes a new job or new place of residence. In business, will develop good relations with business partners, and in his personal life will prevail harmony and understanding. During this period, it is important to have a partner on which to rely. You shouldn’t be depressed.
Number 3 talks about human desire to be in the middle of the action, to influence them and be a leader. This is an excellent time to form relationships, to take a leadership position. That indicates a favorable time for professional growth. Often tempted to leave school for the sake of something - else, but doing so is not worth it.
For number 4 the people usually difficult to tolerate change, they should be tune to any changes and welcome them, i.e. prepared on an emotional level. Their waiting time of renewal, they may feel an irresistible urge to dig into errors committed in the past, to realize that the period of life is over and turn the page. Pay attention to family problems and to mobilize action to ensure that permit them.
Number 5 - this time promises to financial stability, provided that a person will behave prudently. He should concentrate on what he does, especially on quality. All that he is making at this time is the foundation of which is incorporated under its future. People are open to new people, meetings, socializing with new people, the attitude with which the future will bring tangible results. During this period, people begin to exercise its administrative and organizational skills, aggressively seek to implement new ideas and plans.
Number 6 - it's a great time to take home. You need to listen to what they say family members, to offer them his assistance, and most importantly - to be around. And must all well and think carefully before that - something to take and we cannot let the problem slide.
Number 7 - indicates that the internal power of a man acquires power, and with it grows and the ability to cope with crisis situations. In this period can be constitutional disorder. Money, receipt of which is expected during this period may be delayed.
Number 8 - a time to achieve the goals and deepest wishes. This is an excellent time to implement his plans for the implementation of ambitious plans. You will find successful in business and in work. You can count on promotions. During this period, have to avoid extravagance and waste money.
Number 9 - at this time everything will go to ensure that any termination of the case was going to succeed. It’s possibly parting with your beloved and loved ones. This period is fraught with all sorts of crises, both materially and on a spiritual level.

The originals of articles prepared by H.Smirnova

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